Become a Better CEO

Are you the head of your organization in your country of residence?
Do you want your organization to do better?
Are you willing to invest in becoming a better leader?

Better Decisions.

Better Knowledge.

​Better Results.

Breakfast Club Africa Members benefit from:


Knowledge Acquisition:

Great leaders are always learning and expanding their knowledge base. In each group meeting of the Breakfast Club, members are treated to a short presentation/talk by a guest speaker on a relevant topic, followed by sharing of knowledge about the topic by members in a facilitated discussion. ​

Peer-Based Problem Solving:

In each group meeting of The Breakfast Club, we devote half our time to problem solving. You provide the problem, and your peers provide the solutions. Your issue may be professional, work-related, or personal. As long as you don’t mind sharing it and are serious about wanting to solve it, we will discuss it together in this meeting and offer suggestions and solutions. Every problem you are facing has been solved by another cohort member before.​

Individual Coaching Sessions:

​Each member of The Breakfast Club receives a one hour individual coaching session with a personal leadership coach once a month. The coach’s role is to help you to be the best leader that you can be. As a member, you may choose any one of the two Cohort Facilitators in your Cohort to be your leadership coach.